" Many people live on auto pilot.

They go through life repeating theme's and patterns.

Coaching helps individuals see these patterns and break free. "

D. Yarber



A Senior Operating and Management Executive with 35 years of experience in organizational leadership. She holds a consistent track record of driving profitability through productivity, talent acquisition, revenue increases, process improvement and cost control. A leader known for assembling and developing top-performing teams and nurturing relationships at all organizational levels, with impeccable safety and compliance records. Worked as a coach through her career, and although her title did not officially say coach, this was a large part of Danielle's role. A member of numerous boards of directors, currently she is a director for Carilion Clinic and Hometown Bank. In 2014, formed her own company, DHY Results, and have been working with companies and individuals to unlock their full potential. Danielle graduated from the Healthcare Coaching Institute at Virginia Tech in 2017.



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